Steve Carell Joins Robert Zemeckis’ MARWENCOL

Now there’s a title that just rolls off the tongue.

Marwencol is the true story of a guy who got beaten up so badly that he forgot his entire life and coped by building a miniature WWII Belgian village named Marwencol and filling it with tiny dolls. This is someday going to be a Robert Zemeckis movie. Not a Wes Anderson movie.

And now the film has a lead in the form of Steve Carell, who excels at playing funny guys who are also really sad. I don’t know for a fact that those are the talents Marwecol will try to utilize, but I also wasn’t born yesterday. He’s going to be funny/sad as shit.

Marwencol will supposedly tell this guy’s story while taking breaks to tell mini-stories from within the fake village. I assume this will give Zemeckis plenty of opportunity to mess around with his beloved non-human technology. Zemeckis is expected to start working on the film soon after finishing up his Man on Wire adaptation, The Walk.