Believe It. Bill Pullman And Judd Hirsch Are Back For INDEPENDENCE DAY 2

This movie is starting to get hot!

I don’t know how anyone expected Independence Day 2 to get off the ground without the involvement of Judd Hirsch as Jeff Goldblum’s obnoxious cartoon dad. But somehow it was greenlit anyway. Luckily for the movie, they managed to get Hirsch later. That was a close call.

Along with Hirsch, the film will also have one of the first film’s big guns, Bill Pullman. I doubt he’s still playing the president in this one, unless America allowed the guy Emperor status after he shot some aliens with his jet. That sounds kind of like something we’d do.

We’ll just see about this movie. I’m optimistic, but it’s the kind of optimistic most movies probably don’t want on their sides. Good or goofy, it comes out June 24, 2016. Will Smith probably feels left out of a pretty cool party by now.