LAST WEEK TONIGHT’s Doomsday Video > CNN’s Doomsday Video

John Oliver knows what America wants to see in its final moments on Earth.

A few months ago, Jalopnik revealed a bizarre piece of footage: the "Doomsday Video" Ted Turner commissioned for CNN over three decades ago. The clip featured a marching band playing "Nearer My God To Thee" (just as the house band on the Titanic is said to have done during that ship's final moments at sea), and was to air on the network in case of an imminent, world-ending disaster.

This clip was exactly as maudlin and outdated as you'd expect it to be based on that description. We all had an uneasy chuckle, Devin explained how the clip inspired a scene in Gremlins 2, and that was that...until last night, when HBO's Last Week Tonight revealed that it had inspired them to put together their own "Doomsday Video." You can watch it up top.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm giving Last Week Tonight the edge here. If we're gonna go out, I'll take "Martin Sheen's dulcet narration, a glimpse inside a western-themed cat bar and one last look at Kelsey Grammer falling off a stage" over "marching band" any (dooms)day of the week.