The JURASSIC WORLD Trailer Is Pretty Dumb And Awfully Fun

Like the hot guy at your gym: you want to make out with him, but you don't particularly want to talk to him.

As we knew they would be, the effects are drastically improved in this trailer for Jurassic World, with the same scenes from the teaser coming across infinitely better here. Story-wise, not so much, and Chris Pratt is probably his least charming ever, though that's still more charm than one person should be allowed to possess.

But I can't say that, dumb as it seems, Jurassic World doesn't look like a damn good time. There may be no sense of profound wonder, but there's plenty of genetically modified dinosaurs killing each other, and you know that's a movie you want to see. 

And you're gonna, on June 12, when this big, dumb animal hits screens.