THE WALK Gets A Really High Poster

I hope he doesn’t come across a banana peel.

Robert Zemeckis’ latest film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as French tight-rope walker Philippe Petit, whose story you may be familiar with if you’ve seen the excellent documentary, Man on Wire. If that IS you, it’s understandable that you’d wonder why anyone needs to make a narrative feature film of the story when the documentary did such a good job.

Well guess what, smarty. I don’t remember cameras in that documentary being able to get a God’s eye view of that shit. But Robert Zemeckis can, and he’s here to show it off in this snazzy, vertigo-inducing new poster.

I actually think there’s room for a dramatic Hollywood retelling of this story, particularly if they play up the fun heist aspects of Petit’s story. Sure, that that was already present in the documentary, but now you can have it with crazy camera moves and CG birds and whatever else.