Get Ready For A Possible GALAXY QUEST TV Show

If they don’t get Tim Allen, they should go for Ted Danson!

They say it’s a bad idea to generalize, but everyone seems to love 1999’s Galaxy Quest. The fun but also very loving Star Trek riff has gone on to please pretty much all who see it. If you don’t like it, that’s probably a good indicator that you have yet to watch it and accidentally got it mixed up with one of those Next Generation movies.

So everyone should be excited to hear that a Galaxy Quest television show is currently in development. Paramount TV is shopping the idea around right now with Robert Gordon, Dean Parisot, and Mark Johnson (the original’s co-writer, director, and executive producer, respectively) all in negotiations to come back to work their magic on the show.

Other than that, we don’t know anything about what’s on the way. And it might not even happen. It is funny, though, that Galaxy Quest could end up on television before an actual Star Trek show. So funny that everyone has already made this comment ahead of me.