DEADWOOD’s W. Earl Brown To Play PREACHER’s Hugo Root

The father of Arseface has been cast.

When it comes to Preacher casting, this is going to be the fun part. We all knew Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy would be on the show. Now we get to see which side characters will or won’t show up, which gives us an idea of what stories Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg plan to cover, in the first season at least.

To that end, we now know that Hugo Root will appear, played by Deadwood’s awesome W. Earl Brown. This one was probably a given since Arseface has been cast and Root is Arseface’s mean, uncaring father. But I’m having a blast with this casting stuff anyway. Don’t take my joy.

Brown doesn’t have Root’s weird, grimacing facial muscularity as drawn by Steve Dillon, but Brown's a great actor, and Deadwood fans know he can play an imposing redneck like nobody’s business. I really think this show is going to be a lot of fun and look forward to seeing its support cast continue to grow.