Definitely Do Not Watch This New EX MACHINA Trailer

But definitely see the movie. As soon as possible. Like, buy your tickets right now.

It's probably a bit too early to call, but Alex Garland's Ex Machina may well prove the sci-fi film to beat in 2015. It's worth every ounce of hype it's generated so far, and (since catching the film myself last weekend) I've recommended it to anyone who'd listen. I tell them it's clever, creepy, gorgeous, thought-provoking, deceptively simple in its construction...I go on a bit. And then I say: basically, it's everything you hope for whenever you sit down to watch a new sci-fi film.

But here's another thing I tell people: "Y'know how that first Ex Machina trailer seemed like it was giving away a lot? Like, maybe too much for Ex Machina's own good? Well, it doesn't. You probably haven't figured out how this thing plays out." And what a joy it is to tell people that! Imagine: a marketing team that knows how to not overplay its hand!

Which brings us to this new trailer. Make no mistake: it's a great trailer! It's impeccably assembled, appropriately chilly and intriguing. It is very representative of Ex Machina as a whole! But it also gives a few beats away that, were it me, I would rather experience for the first time in context.

As such, I strongly recommend that you seek out Ex Machina this weekend (as in: if the closest theater screening Ex Machina is a 40-minute drive away, go ahead and make that drive), but I also strongly recommend that you do not watch the trailer above. You've already made your choice, and you'll have nothing to gain from watching the clip up top. Trust in Alex Garland, folks. He done good.