JK Simmons Will Headline Dimension-Hopping Conspiracy Thriller COUNTERPART

Warning: Headline may contain all of the good news.

Well, here's a news item that roused a number of conflicting emotions within the BAD staff. Let's take it a step at a time: JK Simmons, hot off a Best Supporting Actor win at this year's Academy Awards--


Yes, of course "Yay". But I wasn't finished. What I was saying was, JK Simmons, hot off a Best Supporting Actor win at this year's Academy Awards, has signed on to play the lead in a new conspiracy-thriller TV series--


--involving a secretive government agency that has somehow harnessed the power to hop between dimensions.


It's being produced, in part, by Anonymous Content, the production company that put True Detective on the air.


Also, this series will be a Starz! original.


And the first two episodes will be directed by the guy who directed The Imitation Game.


Folks, this is your classic good news/bad news situation. One the one hand, you got JK Simmons, who has always been, and will always be, ya boi. On top of that, you got this metaphysical conspiracy thriller angle, which (alarmingly similar to at least one aspect of Fringe though it may be) is right in our wheelhouse. But on the other hand, I've never once enjoyed a Starz! original series (sorry, Starz! Please try harder!), and The Imitation Game was so deathly boring that it's now being used to induce comas in several of our nation's best hospitals. And on a slightly-malformed third hand (the "baby hand"), let's remember that Morten Tyldum, the guy who directed The Imitation Game, is the same Morten Tyldum that directed the awesome Headhunters.


Neither do we, but I'm glad we're all trying to work through this together. Let's just agree that we'll all hope for the best. In the meantime, we'll be keeping our ear to the ground for further updates on this one.