Cinemacon: Extended JURASSIC WORLD Footage Has An Action Vibe

And a pig in peril. 

Director Colin Trevorrow brought his bro Chris Pratt out on stage at CinemaCon to reveal an extended version of the latest Jurassic World trailer, which was so full of soldiers and machine guns fired from helicopters I’m starting to think the premise of this movie is to mix Aliens with Jurassic Park and add a helping of Silence of the Lambs (there’s a serial killer dinosaur).

The opening of the footage had a pig running through tall grass, and a guy on a security catwalk yelling “We have an animal on the loose” and leaning over a railing to attempt to catch the pig in a noose. But a raptor leaps in from out of frame, pulling the guy off the catwalk, and he lays on the ground surrounded by hungry raptors.

Cue Chris Pratt! This is the beginning of the trailer scene where he’s standing in front of the raptors, hand outstretched, keeping them at bay. He saves the guy. Why the guy was trying to save a pig, which was clearly intended as food anyway, is beyond me.

The next bit of newish footage was an extended piece of the Indominus Rex escape. Pratt and another dude run through some closing door, chased closely by the dino, who smashes through the door. Pratt hides under a car, the other guy behind one. The dino sniffs around and picks up the car, exposing the hiding guy - who sits there holding his knees until the Indominus eats him whole. It next turns its attention towards Pratt, who thinks quick and cuts the fuel line on the car, dousing himself in gas so the beast can’t smell him.

The footage reveals that Bryce Dallas Howard is playing the stock clueless admin who thinks that they can contain this monster once it has escaped, but it becomes quickly clear that nothing is stopping it, and it also becomes clear that the Indominus is killing other dinos for fun, serial killer style.

There was some other action footage, including a soldier firing on the charging Indominus, which just gulps him right down, and a helicopter opening fire on the jungle below. Also extended: the bit where the pteronadon picks up the lady in the middle of a shopping area in the park. In this clip the dino drops her into the mosasaur tank, and the mosasaur jumps up and eats them both.

One quick thing in the footage that I liked - a shot of kids in a petting zoo riding baby triceratops. I liked that! I wish there was a way to make a Jurassic Park movie that wasn’t so anti-science, because a world where science allows kids to ride triceratops is a good world.

As for the film - I just don’t know. It is being sold as very action-y, but that could just be because that’s how you sell movies. But that isn’t what I want from a Jurassic Park movie. I want adventure, not gunfights. And I like having dinosaurs that are animals, not mastermind villains. I’m old, though. What do I know? At any rate, I'll wait for the film to see what it is, and whether this marketing has all been as misleading as I hope.