The New GREMLINS Movie Might Not Be A Reboot

We might even see Billy again.

We know they are making a new Gremlins movie, and we know that Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus will act as executive producers on it. But we don’t know exactly what kind of Gremlins movie we’re getting. Is it a reboot? A sequel? Will the Gremlins fight The Ghoulies?

/Film has published excerpts from a longer interview with Chris Columbus which seems to offer some inklings on what they plan to do. While Columbus doesn’t give much in the way of details, he makes some very telling comparisons to other films:

Maybe. I mean, one thing I learned from the Star Wars trailer is — and actually, we knew this all along and J.J.’s been doing it and really doing it effectively, beautifully is touching into that emotional connection we have with our past. And he did it with Star Trek, just by casting Leonard Nimoy in that role in that movie, and really having that connection. So when I saw the Star Wars trailer and saw Chewie and Han Solo at the end of the trailer, I was, it was emotional. And that’s what everybody wanted for the past 30 years. We had wanted that. So for me, I would wanna get involved if we could create some sort of emotional connection even though it’s a new story.

If this remains the case, it sounds like we’ll be getting one of these half-sequels, half-reboots, which means some original cast members could return to pass the torch to a new generation of people who love Gizmo but hate his mischievous mutant-lice problem. This sort of thing is becoming a real trend.

That said, this film is early still and could change at a moment’s notice. I believe it comes out later this summer. If you have already seen it, please feel free to share some spoiler-free reflections in the comments.