Disney Channel’s DESCENDANTS Trailer: This Movie Isn’t For You, But It’ll Make Lots Of Money

And it probably only cost 15 bucks to produce!

Watching the trailer for the Disney Channel's Descendants feels like a glimpse into the near future: I see twelve-year-olds shopping at Hot Topic for purple pleather zipper jackets and lavender Manic Panic, shortening their names from MacKendall - or whatever the hell kids are named these days - to "Mac," layering petticoats over torn leggings and calling themselves villains. I'm into it!

I'm not particularly into this trailer, but this trailer isn't for me. It's for those tweens who aren't about princesses or superheroes, and need someone a little weirder to emulate. I'm excited for those kids to meet a new Maleficent and decide that they want to be the campy, vampy kind of bad guy, because really, that's the most fun kind of bad guy.