So Much Action Is Squeezed Into This Sixty-Second Trailer For JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL

Bottom line: it looks like BBC got it right.

This trailer for Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is just one minute long, and yet it enthusiastically encompasses hundreds upon hundreds of pages of Susanna Clarke's brilliant, riveting novel, telling the tale of two magicians - the last two, in fact - in Napoleonic England. A dozen or more wonderful characters are instantly recognizable in their too-brief introduction, and memorable scenes - those sand horses! - are somehow given their due in only seconds here. 

How much better, then, will it be when we actually get to see the mini-series? The whole thing? It looks perfect, the absolutely ideal interpretation of one of the greatest novels of the past two decades. I'm more excited about this than The Avengers: Age of Ultron and I'm unashamed to admit it. 

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell lands on BBC America this summer. You can bet your butt I'll be reviewing it.