Here’s The Latest Print In Grey Matter Art’s TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE Series

Once again, Gabz kills it for GMA.

Back in January, Grey Matter Art released the second in their four-part Texas Chainsaw Massacre screenprint series. We looked upon it, and we saw that it was good. Today, they've revealed the series' penultimate print, a piece by  Grzegorz "Gabz" Domaradzki, and...well, this really doesn't need a long-winded introduction. Let's let the print speak for itself:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Gabz

$50 Regular Edition of 150

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Gabz

$65 Variant Edition of 100

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Gabz

$115 Foil Edition of 75

Gabz killed this thing, didn't he? Like the other prints in GMA's Chainsaw series, this is a really interesting take on the property (as Devin pointed out, it looks like the cover for a particularly lurid 1970s paperback), one wholly unlike any other TCM print we've seen to date. As it turns out, that's exactly what Gabz was going for. Here's what he had to say about the creation of the piece:

Being a huge fan of what Jason Edmiston and Florian Bertmer did for the same title before me, as hard is it was, I wanted my piece to be something completely different. I’ve been wanting to work on something more editorial-looking for months, and with a title as long as this one, I felt it’s a perfect opportunity not to be wasted.

Since viewers of this classic horror flick are meant to believe it's based on a true story, custom-designed typo that looks like a front page of some crazy newspaper seemed like a right thing to do.Instead of focusing on just one scene or character, I included several plot points and all the essential characters destined (or not) to end up on Sawyer’s dining table.

All three versions of the print will go on sale via Grey Matter Art's online store this Thursday, between noon and 1PM CST. Which one do you guys prefer? I'm thinking I like the blood-red on the variant, personally...although, the washed-out palette on the reg is also pretty damn attractive. Tough call!