Torn: TRUE DETECTIVE S2 Trailer With Natalie Imbruglia Music Reveals The Heartbreak Of Policing

This is a definite improvement.

When the teaser trailer for True Detective's second season arrived a few weeks ago, the response was...underwhelming. Something about the grittiness rang hollow. The sight of a glowering, bolo-tied Colin Farrell just didn't carry the same punch that accompanied our first look at season one's greasy-haired, Lone Star-chugging Matthew McConaughey. Vince Vaughn, feigning menace, looked sorta ridiculous.

But, hey, a teaser trailer's just that: zero context, all mood. And if nothing else, True Detective's first season was masterful enough to guarantee we'd be tuning in no matter what, right? We accepted the teaser and moved on.

Well, most of us did. Former SNL star Noël Wells felt that True Detective's first teaser could be improved upon, and she did so via a technique not unfamiliar to anyone who remembers trailers from the late 90's: she slapped Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" over it.

Watch it above, and consider how Imbruglia's lyrics lend the teaser a depth it never had before: suddenly, cop and criminal glaring at one another across a dive-bar table feels monumentally heartbreaking. Taylor Kitsch's struggle to be a better man/detective is made explicit (the self-loathing moves him to tears!). And when "the conversation has run dry", Ferrell has no choice but to break out the brass knuckles.

Hilarious and well-played.  Good work, Wells.