SEINFELD Is Coming To Hulu

The show, not the guy. He’s already at Crackle.

I always feel like Seinfeld is this huge generation-gap show. People around my age and older adore it, though it’s not quite as quotable to us as The Simpsons. Meanwhile, I assume youngsters have a hard time getting into why we all think it’s so great and watch Curb Your Enthusiasm instead. It’s just a gut feeling. I didn’t read a dissertation on it or anything.

Nevertheless, Seinfeld lives on in syndication. And now it will live on via your computer screen. Finally, someone nabbed the show for streaming. That someone happens to be Hulu, whose pay service I fired just a couple months ago. D’oh! (That’s a quote from The Simpsons)

Depending on who you read, Hulu acquired all 180 episodes of Seinfeld for either a million bucks each or close to a million each. Either way, each episode is worth a few college educations. I can't wait to power through all of it.