Don’t Buy A ROBOCOP Hot Toys For A Dollar, Win One From El Rey

El Rey wants to give you an awesome toy to celebrate their ROBOCOP trilogy event this Friday.

(Image courtesy of MGM)

I love RoboCop. You love RoboCop. We all love RoboCop around here, I assume. When people ask me what my favorite movie is (which they inevitably do), RoboCop is my go-to answer. It’s amazing.

So it’s very exciting to share the news that the El Rey Network will be showing the full RoboCop trilogy uncut this Friday, May 1, starting at 1:30pm ET. It will actually run twice. The second go-around begins at 8:45pm. The whole shebang ends Saturday morning at 4am ET. This will be the first time RoboCop 2 and 3 have been shown back-to-back on TV in ten years.

To celebrate, El Rey is giving away a RobCop Hot Toys 1/6th scale figure.You know Hot Toys. You know RoboCop. You know how awesome this is. But just in case you don't, here's a picture. 

Yes, that is the figure, not a still from the movie.

How do you win this? Easy: just record yourself saying your favorite line from any film in the RoboCop trilogy, upload it to Instagram or Vine with the hashtag #RobocopQuoteContest before Saturday at midnight (east coast) and wait for the magic to happen. One winner will be contacted by Badass Digest and get the Hot Toys figure, eight runners-up will be contacted and receive an original 1987 lobby card from the film (which is really super cool. I'd maybe want the lobby card more than the toy!). 

And who knows - maybe El Rey will use your quoting of RoboCop in their next video promo. They like to make these promos where fans talk about why these movies matter to them:

So gather all the leg guns, splattered henchmen, and jars of baby food you can. Your Friday just got awesome.

Note from Devin: a version of this article without the contest info ran earlier. We apologize for the confusion this caused. It looked like a sponsored post but it isn't - it's a partnered contest that we're really proud to bring to you.