Tom Hardy And Tom Hardy Are A Force To Be Reckoned With In The First LEGEND Trailer

It's like a Doublemint ad for gangsters!

If you know anything about the Kray Twins - the real-life fraternal gangster duo who ruled the East End of London in the '50s and '60s - then you're probably already excited about Legend, Brian Helgeland's upcoming film adaptation of their story. I know I've been stoked about this one for a while, ever since we found out that Tom Hardy would be playing the film's ne'er-do-well brothers, Ronnie (the schizophrenic one!) and Reggie (the responsible one!).

But even with that built-in excitement, I'm over the moon for this trailer, which just popped up online today. Legend looks like it'll be a strong dose of classic mob movie shenanigans: that soundtrack! Those suits! That mafia-style execution in the middle of a quaint little pub! I'm totally in for what Helgeland's selling here, and can't wait for this to hit theaters.

What do you guys think? Can one film ever have too much Tom Hardy*?

* = Trick question: Locke already proved that it cannot.