Hey Man, It’s The New, Creepy Casey Jones!

Sure, why not.

Just as a small primer for those who haven’t been keeping up. There is going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Somehow the first one made a ton of money. Unlike the first film, this one is actually going to be incredible because none other than Tyler Effing Perry will play Baxter Stockman. No other movie has a chance of being this good.

The movie is also going to feature Stephen Amell as hockey-masked vigilante, Casey Jones. In the classic tradition of these goofy movies, Casey Jones is no longer just a tuff looking guy in a hockey mask. Now he’s a fucking terrifying lunatic instead. This opinion comes courtesy of a photo Michael Bay tweeted of the guy in costume:

So that’s pretty much in line with what your pessimism expected, right? This movie is going to be incredible. I wonder if it will have any ninja turtles in it.

Actually, in other news, Laura Linney has joined the cast. We don’t know who she’s playing yet, but whoever it is, it’ll definitely get a highlight on her eventual “In Memoriam” Oscar clip.