You Can Stream Season One Of STAR WARS REBELS For Free Right Now!

You just lost your last excuse.

People seem to be pretty happy with Star Wars Rebels, the first bit of Star Wars business to come out since Disney bought the property. Devin wrote about how good it was here.

That praise has made me curious about the show, but I never had an opportunity to watch it with the ease I demand. Now I no longer have that excuse.

Star is hosting the entire first season for free. But this altruism will only last a limited time. You have until May 4, the significance of which I'm sure you understand. After that, you’re back to being a chump again.

This is a great opportunity to get caught up before season two starts June 20. And it’ll also give you a look at how the Star Wars Universe looks going forward. I think I might actually give it a go. It's weird, but I'm excited to be excited about Star Wars again.