2nd STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY To Be Boba Fett Backstory

Will this hurt our reborn STAR WARS enthusiasm?

The Wrap is reporting that the Star Wars Anthology movie that just lost director Josh Trank will be, as had been rumored previously, a Boba Fett origin story. Well, a later origin story, as we already saw his dumb fucking origin in the Prequels. 

This news hits me in a weird place. I've been getting back on the Star Wars train in a big way - The Force Awakens has me excited, Rian Johnson's involvement has me convinced and Rogue One sounds awesome. But do I really want a Boba Fett film? 

Technically, no. But considering the people who are running things at Lucasfilm now - maybe. The idea of a Fett origin is so vague - is it how he got into bounty hunting? Is it is his first job for the Empire? Is it just an early adventure from before The Empire Strikes Back? - that judging immediately seems premature. Let me hear a real premise and I'll get back to you with my outrage. 

Of course I would prefer that these Anthology movies be a little less on the nose, fanwank-wise, but Rogue One sounds so absolutely awesome that it's hard for me not to give Lucasfilm some slack on this. And let's also be honest - once we begin to find out which other bounty hunters will appear, and what their roles will be, it could get awesome. I still stand by my old pitch for this film: a Midnight Run riff with Boba Fett transporting a bounty while evading the other bounty hunters. That would be a fucking cool movie indeed.