Behold! Captain Phasma From THE FORCE AWAKENS!

Gwendoline Christie's character revealed!

Just a few minutes ago we shared the new Vanity Fair images from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and mentioned that one more was coming. Well, Star Wars Universe got their hands on it already, and it's a picture of Gwendoline Christie as the chrome trooper Captain Phasma! This ties up about a year's worth of rumors and speculation, going all the way back to my initial, sort of correct (but also weirdly off-base!) lightsaber falling to a desert planet scoops. 

It's a cool pic, and Phasma looks awesome. We already saw her in the last Force Awakens teaser, but getting her name and this posed shot makes her seem more real. I can only imagine the merch that this character is going to inspire... and the cosplay.