And new info on characters and names!

The latest issue of Vanity Fair brings Chewbacca and Han Solo back together, alongside the new heroes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Rey, Finn and BB-8. But inside the magazine there's even more, as the veil of mystery surrounding the film lifts a bit this May the 4th. 

It's Kylo Ren, aka Adam Driver, and now we know that he leads a stormtrooper squad from The First Order. 

Poe Dameron, X-Wing pilot for the Resistance!

JJ Abrams directing Daisy Ridley as Rey as she prepares to speed across the desert of Jakku.

Lupita Nyong'o as Maz Kanata (that's new info), a character whose face will be replaced by CGI, thus all the dots. 

And at the top of this article is a look at a whole motley crew of creatures, bounty hunters, smugglers and droids - all of whom will have names and toys in September. I love that picture the most, as it captures the design of the original Star Wars the most, notably by harkening back to some of Ralph McQuarrie's work. That female droid specifically reminds me of the Metropolis-tinted C3PO design that McQuarrie did before the original film shot. 

What do you think? Do these pictures, all by Annie Leibovitz, get you excited?

There's another picture coming today at 4, and the full article, likely with more new info, hits on May 7th.