ALICE IN WONDERLAND Meets POLTERGEIST In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Fur Voice, Howling and Muta in this week's music video roundup.

You’re going to want to carve out some quality time for Barcelona-based director and surrealist extraordinaire Pablo Maestres’ filmography. His latest for the Spanish avant-pop outfit Fur Voice hovers in an altogether enchanting hyperreality pulling retro inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and, more unexpectedly, Poltergeist. Our lady protagonist with Carol Anne-colored locks also has an indubitable case of pareidolia, but I guess we could all make out a pair of breasts in the sky if we tried. I guess remember that the next time life has you down.

I think you can watch the video for Howling’s “Stole the Night” two highly enjoyable ways. The first is how it’s likely intended to be grasped: the beautiful, rehabilitative struggle for an untamed, Nell-like woman that explores the paradigm of our natural vs. man-made world. And the second (read: cockamamie-cum-hilarious) way is to imagine she’s only reacting to and returning from a weekend-long camping trip with her husband. Dugan O’Neal alongside Ry X are at the helm as co-directors of a short film that is, in all seriousness, deftly shot and rather tender.

Wrapping the week’s finds is a glorious, animated offering from Marseille-based animator/director Titouan Bordeau in tandem with wunderkind producer Muta for his bubbly track “Praise.” Simplicity of both sight and sound abound as intrepid cartoon characters traverse alien terrain culminating in a pared-down plot from a literal point “A” to point “B”.