ANT-MAN Movie Probably Better Than ANT-MAN Poster

Another kinda generic Marvel movie poster.

I really like the Marvel Studios movies, but at this rate I will likely never have a one sheet from one of their films on my wall. They tend to be, frankly, terribly generic and uninteresting. This new poster for Ant-Man is no different - it's the same sort of poster that Marvel has done a million times before. I think I would like this one better if it were painted, and at least it isn't full of debris and ash, but it's still just not very great. 

Someone in marketing almost certainly has a spreadsheet that proves these posters work. I wish they would at least have more creative alt posters, and not just the IMAX ones.

Anyway, I'm still on board for this movie, and I think it's the absolute best palate cleanser after the enormity of Avengers: Age of Ultron