Chiller Making Naked Space Vampire Movie Into A TV Show

The new LIFEFORCE will lose the movie's biggest selling point.

Correction: I seem to have misunderstood - Chller is making Lifeforce and Siren TV movies, not TV series. Still, a TV movie will also be missing Lifeforce's number one selling point. 

I have seen Lifeforce many, many times. It's one of those movies you watch a lot when you're a certain age because it's a scifi movie with an intriguing concept, cool practical effects... and a leading lady who is buck naked the whole movie. Mathilda May is, for men of my generation, probably most famous for walking around London bare-assed for the entirety of Tobe Hooper's film. Puberty is a helluva thing.

Now, I have seen Lifeforce many, many times, but I do not think Lifeforce is particularly good. In fact, I think it's actually sort of bad. But the premise - astronauts bring an alien vampire down to Earth and unleash a terrible energy-sucking plague - is pretty good! It's just that what makes Lifeforce notable is, quite simply, how hot Mathilda May is. 

Chiller TV is going to make a Lifeforce TV show, and since they can't possibly have it star a naked woman, they're going to have to actually make it good. Maybe they'll go back to the novel on which the movie is based, Colin Wilson's The Space Vampires, but even that is pretty sexual in nature (there's a connection between space vampires and fetishism in the novel). I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of using this concept for a sexier, energy-based The Walking Dead - I want to see where Chiller goes with it. 

The network is actually producing three new series, all of which seem like weird ideas for TV shows. One is called Slasher, and it's an American Horror Story-style seasonal anthology that's also a slasher story. In the first season a young woman returns to her hometown only to be embroiled in a series of copycat killings that resemble the slaughter of her parents years before. The other, Siren, is based on David Bruckner's excellent segment from V/H/SAmateur Night, where a bunch of shitty bros holding a bachelor party in a motel discover one of the girls they've brought home is in fact a winged monster. That was perfect for a short - I have no idea where that can go as a TV series. Which makes me curious, and likely to tune in.