See The Trailer For The Wachowski’s Netflix Show SENSE8!

This looks super cool.

We have Jupiter Ascending behind us. We can look at it through fresher eyes in a couple of years; maybe it'll become a cult classic of some sort. In the meantime, let us turn our attention to what the Wachowskis are doing next: Sense8, a Netflix show. The first trailer is here, and I like it:

The premise is cool - eight people across the globe who share a mind connection - and it lends itself to interest subtext about the very modern question of identity and sexuality (check out that screengrab I chose for a sex scene that you have never seen before in a mainstream action thing). But more than that, this is like a classic 1990s comic book premise, sort of the kind of stuff that Valiant was doing back then - launching a superhero universe out of our real one. This is a unique team concept that allows for truly fascinating storytelling possibilities. Oh, and the action looks cool.

I'm way into it. I'll be watching June 5th.