Take A Look At The Joker’s Back Tattoos

And find out who his artist is!

A photo has leaked, and it appears to show the actual 'behind the scenes' of that first Joker picture from Suicide Squad - in that it shows behind the Joker, and reveals who does his ink. If this is a fake pic it is a crazy impressive fake.



Yup, Harley Quinn is his artist. 

And she's giving him a tramp stamp. 

That says "Puddin"

Also on his back: a "Kick Me" sign, a die, a flying skull and something in a banner I cannot quite make out. Also, more "hahaha"s. 

This is actually kind of a fun picture, and I like seeing these two together. Also, I like seeing the Joker's tighty whiteys, which appear to have dots on them.