This Trailer For Turkish Horror Film SİCCİN 2 Is Not Effing Around

Head's up: this one's extremely NSFW.

How gnarly is this trailer for Turkish horror film SİCCİN 2? A good number of you might not make it all the way through it. Think I'm exaggerating? Here. Hope your breakfast is sitting well:

Directed by Alper Mestçi, this is apparently a sequel to 2014's SİCCİN, which-- I'll be honest-- I'd not heard of before today. A trip to Turkish Wikipedia and a quick Google translation later, I learn that the plot to that first film is:

Sweetly, it is in love with his cousin since childhood has become Might obsession. Might be married to Nisa's mind is blocked for a while, he has been happily married since Kudret final decision. Succumbing to passion sweetly looks larger land to achieve a solution on behalf of prohibited sake. Nisaa demons haunting the spell. After five Isha prayers by Talisman Nisa and death will meet with his blood.

Right. So, no closer to understanding what's going on here, but whatever: I think the trailer above tells us all we need to know. It's Turkish, it seems to be exploring some legitimately horrific areas of local folklore, and it made me recoil from my monitor on more than one occasion. That's a trailer done right, folks. No idea if this is going to make it to the States (the Amazon link below, for SİCCİN, won't really help you unless you've got a region-free DVD player), but here's hoping that SİCCİN 2 somehow finds its way to Fantastic Fest 2015. I need to see this thing immediately, and preferably in the company of other like-minded weirdos.