Exclusive EX MACHINA Clip: When The Lights Go Out!

What does Ava talk about when the power goes down?

I love Ex Machina. Alex Garland's directorial debut is a wonderfully made, smartly written, excellently acted science fiction story that has heady ideas wrapped up in a tensely told tale. A young programmer (Domnhall Gleeson) is summoned to the impossibly vast estate of his billionaire tech boss (Oscar Isaac). The reason? He's there to do a Turing test on a new form of AI, Ava (Alicia Vikander). But nothing is at it seems, and things slowly spin out of control. Along the way Garland, who wrote 28 Days Later and The Beach, examines the meaning of consciousness, choice and gender as he poses a subtle but damning indictment of masculinity and the patriarchy. 

In this clip Gleeson's Caleb is giving Ava the Turing test when the power in boss Nathan's compound shuts down - as it mysteriously does now and again. With the lights out and the surveillance cameras blind, Ava decides to give Caleb a message Nathan cannot hear.

Ex Machina is playing now, and it's going wide this weekend. Check your local listings and do not miss this modern classic, a serious contender for one of the year's best movies.