Insanely Underrated THREE STOOGES Movie Getting A Sequel!

And the three leads are soitenly returning.

Do not laugh when I  tell you two things: 

1) The Farrelly Brothers' The Three Stooges is one of the most underrated comedies of our time 


2) Chris Diamantopoulos deserved an Oscar nomination for his performance as Moe Howard. Diamantopoulos embodied Moe without just doing an imitation, and he brought levels of pathos to the character that I guarantee the real Moe Howard never even considered. It's one of my favorite film performances of the last decade, and I think that you only have to look at Diamantopoulos as the gross bro investor on Silicon Valley to understand just how transformed he is in The Three Stooges

I await the day when everyone else catches up with me about The Three Stooges (which, I'll be honest, is great in that it is a great Three Stooges movie, so if you don't want to watch guys hitting each other over the head with hammers... well, you're never going to like this film), but in the meantime I will take some solace in the fact that there's a Three Stooges sequel getting shopped around Cannes, and that the entire original trio is back. Yes, Diamantopoulos is unreal as Moe Howard, but he was supported with exceptional skill and talent by Will Sasso as Curly and Sean Hayes as Larry. I'm not kidding when I say these guys are the worthiest imaginable successors to the originals, and I wish they had been making shorts in character ever since the movie hit. 

I don't think the sequel will have the Farrellys behind it, which means it probably won't be as good, but these three are so excellent in their roles I'd watch almost anything with them in it. The sequel is conceived as more of an action comedy, and the financiers are looking to score an action star to appear. My recommendation: have Jason Statham, who is fucking hilarious in the upcoming Spy, play Shemp as a badass secret agent, maybe trying to off and replace Curly. I'm just giving these ideas away for free!

The sequel likely won't hit the highs of the original (which included a lion getting hit in the balls), but I have hope. In the meantime, if you like slapstick and stupid comedy, I cannot recommend watching The Three Stooges enough.