Photo Contest! Drafthouse Films Is Casting For ROAR 2, And Your Pet Could Be Famous

Internet fame: the highest honor for any domestic animal.

Drafthouse Films is hosting the most adorable/terrifying contest ever, and your pet could take home the top prize!

Casting for ROAR 2: a furrocious photo contest

Put your pet on the Roar poster and win an exclusive Roar prize pack! Simply add your ferocious feline or maniacal mutt to this blank version of Drafthouse Films and Olive Films' poster and post it to Instagram and Twitter tagging #ROARpets for your chance to win!

The winner will be chosen at random during the week of 5/17 and will take home a Roar poster signed by star John Marshall, an official Roar t-shirt, and a hardcover copy of Tippi Hedren's 1988 book The Cats of Shambala, in which she provides a candid accounting of raising lions in her home and the filming of Roar.

IS THIS THE CUTEST OR WHAT. Because I can't win anyway, I ignored the dimensions and made a half-sheet for this time my cat Tigger had a total Cujo moment. 

Updated! Extended through May 31.