There's a funeral being shot... but whose?

Marvel Phase Three promises to open with a bang, as Captain America: Civil War pits our heroes against each other in a massive ideologically-motivated battle. It's loosely based on the Marvel Comics event Civil War, which pitted Captain America against Iron Man, the two split over the question of whether heroes should unmask and register with the government. In the end Cap, after having gone underground and becoming a fugitive, turned himself in - only to be assassinated by Crossbones on his way to court. (He got better eventually)

It seems unlikely that Captain America: Civil War will keep most of the beats of the comic book, but many have wondered if Cap's fate could also happen in the MCU, leaving The Winter Soldier to pick up Cap's shield. Those theories may be getting a boost this week, as a scooper at MoviePilot reports that the movie, now filming in Atlanta, is shooting a funeral this week. 

On Tuesday, May 12th, Captain America: Civil War will be filming what is simply being referred to as “a funeral scene” in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The production is currently operating under the working title of Sputnik, and extras are being asked to wear formal, solid black attire for the event. The weather forecast for Tuesday is a cloudy day, with thunderstorms throughout the afternoon, making for a sullen, grim funeral.

Moviepilot runs a lot of user-submitted information, which means stuff originating there isn't always reliable, but this makes sense to me. The question, though, is who dies?

Steve Rogers is the most immediate choice, clearly. But for some reason I don't think that's who will die. In fact, I suspect the death in Civil War will be of a nature that could break the internet: 

I think Peggy Carter will die. 

Look, she's old as hell. In Winter Soldier we saw her bedridden, suffering from dementia. Her time is clearly short. And in many ways she's holding Steve back from starting a new life in the 21st century; as long as his girl is there, he can't move on. What's more, how can Steve begin his romance with Sharon Carter, Peggy's niece, is Peggy is still alive? It's way too weird.

More than that Peggy dying - possibly very early in the film - sets a tone for what comes next in Civil War, and helps create a situation where Steve is unmoored, losing his final connection to his old life. In Avengers: Age of Ultron he comes to the conclusion that he's not quite the same man who went into the ice 75 years ago, and losing Peggy would be the final disconnection from that previous man. 

Note that I am not coming at this with insider info - I haven't pursued much behind the scenes stuff on Civil War because I simply love this sort of speculation. So join me below in speculating just who croaks!