It’s Good Vs. Evil Galore In This Trailer For THE VATICAN TAPES

Exorcists be exorcizing.

As a duo, Neveldine/Taylor are wonderful wizards of bad taste and bizarre action. Sure everyone likes the Crank films, or should, but highbrow smarties like me even like Gamer and their Ghost Rider movie. I’m sorry if you just found out something awful about yourself.

But how will they perform when split up? That answer is coming with the July 24 release of The Vatican Tapes, which Mark Neveldine directed without any help. We will now figure out which one of these guys is the good one. Yes, one of them has to be immaculately better than the other. Life is more fun this way.

To help us get an idea before July, The Vatican Tapes now has a trailer, which you can see below:

The humor is absent. We’re missing some goofiness. But there is definitely a familiarity to this. I’m not sure the world needs another exorcism movie, however one hinting at this much action could be worthwhile. And you never know. Like Gamer’s vodka puke = gasoline stroke of brilliance, there could be plenty of bits in the movie that are far too weird for a general release trailer.