Have An Arctic Blast In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Courtney Barnett, Anneli Drecker, and Red Hoot Oboe Monger in this week's music video roundup.

Nestled amidst a stark, arctic landscape, the short film set to Anneli Drecker’s serene number “Alone” is a beyond-compare find that you really wish lasted a full feature-length runtime. Norway-based director Thor Brenne (in conjunction with  NOWNESS) exhibits a fly on the wall approach to observing the couple’s intimate acrobatics so fittingly you can nearly feel the warmth between them. Hormones, be damned. I haven’t had tears well up in my eyes that heavily during a music video since “Runaway Train”.

“Kim’s Caravan” is a dignified stream of eco-consciousness that ruminates on the ruination of the Great Barrier Reef, a wonder of the world I believe Courtney Barnett is endemic to herself. Bec Kingma directs as Barnett takes the shape of our protagonist on a tour through murky, apocalyptic vignettes that resuscitate what life is left in her childhood haunts. The piece was inspired partially by the nineties doc Midnight Oil: Black Rain Falls in which the ecologically spirited Aussie rock band performs a six-song guerrilla protest from a flatbed outside Manhattan’s Exxon building post-environmental catastrophe. I know they say “heavy lies the crown,” but Courtney Barnett for president.

The following stunning CG rendering by an electronic artist who calls himself Red Hoot Oboe Monger sent me into a downward spiral of recapturing my youth through algorithmic techno that my programmer father referred to as “the sound of computers crashing.” Accompanying the glitchy track “Granularity” is a seriously impressive 3D animation/simulation of exploding human forms using aptly-named Houdini software and computational fluid dynamics. Brief yourselves on the latter with utmost prudence because I did and no longer remember my own telephone number.