SUPERGIRL Trailer Condenses The Whole Pilot Into 6 Minutes

It looks better than the DC movies!

This trailer for new DC series Supergirl pretty much crams the entire pilot into about six minutes, and we get all of Kara Zor-El's origin, her current situation, her decision to be a hero, her costume search and her eventual status quo from which the series will launch. You bascially do not need to watch the pilot now. 

Should you? I'm like half and half on this. I like a lot of the tone, even if it seems a little sitcom-y for my taste. I HATE the workplace version of Kara - I never liked that hyper-bumbling Clark Kent thing, and since the movies aren't using it I guess the show has decided to pick it up. It just sucks. I hate the idea of a character putting on a complete and total persona all the time when they're not in costume - and I can't imagine a good reason why Kara would be clumsy or whatever unless she was doing it on purpose. 

Everything else? Well, the show looks to be one part Devil Wears Prada, one part "We will talk about Superman and have Superman just offscreen all the time until a big sweeps episode." The show doesn't seem to be connected to the movies in any way (her S does not mean hope!), but is it connected to the CW shows? Crossing over between networks is tough - maybe that's part of the reason why Kara is living in Los Angeles, far away from Ollie and Barry on the East Coast. 

Doing a show with a character this powerful seems like a high wire act - how do you keep her occupied without blowing out your budget every week? And how long can Kal-El hover invisibly over everything on the series? Is this going to be the kind of show where at the beginning of season 2 Kara keeps talking about her summer in Metropolis?