Exclusive: MAD MAX’s George Miller & Toecutter Ask You Not To Talk At Movies

You should listen to your old friend Toecutter.

There are a lot of subtle callbacks and nods in Mad Max: Fury Road (the bulging eyes gag is back!), but none are as wonderful as George Miller dipping into his original Mad Max cast and bringing back Hugh Keays-Bryne to play villain Immortan Joe. In Mad Max he was Toecutter, the leader of the gang that killed Max's wife and child; now he's the ruler of the Citadel, a military state ruled over by Immortan Joe's sons and the Warboys. 

We had Hugh and director George Miller sit down at the junket here in LA and talk about something near and dear to the Alamo Drafthouse: being quiet at the movies. I think - especially if you're a fan of Mad Max - you'll like what they had to say.