Harry Shearer Leaves THE SIMSPONS, Possibly In Search Of An Easier Job

The show you don’t watch will never be the same again.

As you may have already heard, Harry Shearer will not be on The Simpsons anymore. This is kind of a big deal as the show just signed on for another 30 seasons. And of course, Shearer provided voices for 2,300 of its 12,000 characters.

It’ll be relatively interesting to see how this all shakes out. Are they going to kill all of Shearer’s characters? Will they get scabs to do the voices? Will they just pretend Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers, and Principal Skinner just don’t exist? The Simpsons have been on television for a long enough time now, they might as well enter their “fuck it” phase. I don’t know if that will get more people to start watching it, but it might entice me to catch an episode or two.

It’s possible this could offer a bit of relief to those who actually make the show. Shearer (who has been involved in a ton of incredible things beyond just The Simpsons) doesn’t have a reputation for being the nicest guy. Not as nice as Ned Flanders, anyway.