The First Picture From The PREACHER Pilot!

Seth Rogen shows us Jesse and Arseface.

What will the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg version of Preacher, coming to AMC, look like? I'm not sure, but Rogen has shared the first picture from the set, and it has Jesse Custer talking to young suicide survivor Arseface. You can't really see either of them- they're deep in shadow - but you get a sense of Arseface, who got his name after an unsuccessful suicide attempt with a shotgun. And you can see Dominic Cooper rocking a Jesse Custer hairdo. This picture also represents the way the show is departing from the comic - Arseface and Jesse don't meet under such serene circumstances in the comics (Jesse uses his super power, the Word of God, to force Arseface's father to cut off his own penis and fuck himself with it... is that gonna make it onto AMC?). 

Dominic Cooper is still my number one question about Preacher. I can't imagine him being a good old Southern boy, but I trust Rogen and Goldberg. I also trust them to take Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's sort of juvenile (and now politically retrograde) comic and update it for the modern day. 

Here's the pic. What do you think?