George Miller Says More MAD MAX Is On The Way

It's even got a title!

Mad Max: Fury Road raked in over $100m at the worldwide box office this weekend, pulled down a 98% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and has been greeted by longtime fans of the franchise with the sort of fanatical obsessiveness usually reserved for Marvel movies. This is good news all the way around, and yesterday director George Miller took to Twitter to respond to the film's success:

A few weekends ago, Miller hosted an early screening of Fury Road here in Austin, and was asked about the potential for further Mad Max films. At the time, he compared the process of finalizing and releasing Fury Road to childbirth, saying, "You wouldn't ask a woman who just got done giving birth if she plans on having more kids." Fair enough, but the above makes it sound like he's already warming up to the idea of getting back in the bedroom.

And get this: speaking to Jeff Goldsmith on the "Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith" podcast this past Friday, Miller revealed that a screenplay for a fifth Mad Max movie (to be titled Mad Max: The Wasteland) and a novella (which, presumably, would serve as the basis for a sixth film) have already been written. We already know that Tom Hardy's signed on for three more Mad Max films, so...sounds like the ball's in Warner Bros.' court.

Given the BMD readership, this probably goes without saying, but just in case: go see Mad Max: Fury Road. See it on a big-ass screen in your favorite theater, and take all of your friends. Not only will you be experiencing what is very likely the summer movie of 2015, you'll also be increasing our chances for more Mad Max movies. That's a win-win for everyone.