STEVE JOBS Trailer: America’s Favorite Asshole

Will the movie be a hagiography?

I do not like Steve Jobs. I think he was a pretty bad person and I think that his impact on the world was mixed at best - I believe some of the advantages of his Apple products would have made it into society without the doubling down on cultish materialism. I think he's a guy who stole a lot of great ideas - he's basically the Thomas Edison of the modern era, and public opinion on Edison has been slowly moving in the last few years. 

But hey, I'm an outlier. What I see as a smug, condescending face of evil other people see as the most inspiring business leader of our time. What I see as hugely dickish behavior others see as the tough actions of a guy who demanded a lot. What I see as a guy who bordered on being a sociopath others see as a hero. 

So which of us - me or the others? - is going to like Steve Jobs, the Aaron Sorkin-scripted, Danny Boyle directed look at the man's life through the prism of three product launches? This trailer certainly presents a tone that indicates it could go either way, although I tend to believe Sorkin is going to fall on the 'flawed but great' side of the equation (the fucker made me even like Mark Zuckerberg, after all). The film likely won't please hardcore Jobs cultists, and it won't please haters like me... which might be a point in its favor. 

One thing: I love Michael Fassbender. Love him so much. He's a great actor. But his accent... even in these snippets I can hear it, that lilt. I suspect that's gonna bug me.