Ed Zwick Likely To Direct And Co-Write JACK REACHER Sequel

From THE LAST SAMURAI to the last real man in America.

While it’s great news that we’re going to get a new Jack Reacher movie, a huge part of what made the first movie so entertaining was Christopher McQuarrie’s writing and direction. Much as I like Tom Cruise, scary Werner Herzog, and ass-kicking, this isn’t really the kind of character you come back for regardless of the movie he’s in. In fact, Reacher might be one of the more unlikable movie heroes to come out in a while. The guy’s so smug and cocky, you almost want the bad guys to win just to give him a lesson in humility.

Unfortunately, McQuarrie won’t be involved in the sequel, which makes anticipation for it a risky proposition. Whoever takes over has big shoes to fill. According to Deadline, that person could be The Last Samurai’s Ed Zwick, a filmmaker with a reputation for making films in which a lone white dude saves non-white dudes and dudettes as if they were too weak to do it themselves. Sounds like a Jack Reacher movie to me!

Right now, Zwick is only in negotiations. He would direct and work on the script with Marshall Herskovitz, so this thing will have Zwick all over it.

Either way, the sequel will adapt the series’ 18th book, Never Go Back, in which Reacher totally fucking goes back. Who’s the smartest guy in the room now, Mr. No Clothes? Here’s a synopsis:

In it, Reacher heads back to his old military base in Virginia to take a woman to dinner who is now the commanding officer. By the time he gets there, she has been arrested, and Reacher finds himself being charged with pummeling one guy and fathering a child with a woman. He can’t remember either transgression but gets to the bottom of it with cunning and sometimes brute force.

Cunning and brute force sounds fine to me. I have both on my OKCupid profile as two of the six things I could never do without.