SyFy’s THE MAGICIANS Trailer Has Plenty Of Tricks But Not A Lot Of Magic

The tone of Lev Grossman's series adaptation doesn't feel quite right.

As a fan of Lev Grossman's The Magicians trilogy (read my review of the last book here), I've been very curious to see how SyFy's adaptation, recently ordered to series, will hold up. Yesterday we got our first trailer, and while I'm certainly keeping my mind open, and though the trailer includes plenty of fancy magic tricks and visual feasts, there's a tone here that doesn't feel quite worthy of the words that inspired it.

It's not surprising: The Magicians trilogy has one of the most singular tones of any series I've ever read, cynical and optimistic and magical and grounded and dirty and beautiful all at once. It feels impossible to capture, and SyFy seems to be giving an admirable effort. The Magicians lands in 2016, and then we'll see if that effort pays off.