The Lonely Island Film Gets A Title And A Tim Meadows

Both are funny.

From now on, when we talk about the Lonely Island’s upcoming movie, we no longer have to call it The Untitled Lonely Island Movie. That makes everyone sound like they don’t know what they fuck they are talking about. But some of us do know what we’re talking about. Like a good 10-15% of us.

This is all a problem of the past now, however, as the film finally received a name, Conner4real. Considering that it’s about a once-popular musician who must return to his lame boy band for a reunion concert, I’d say that title is just about perfect. Conner will never not be a funny name.

Along with the name, we also have news in the form of Tim Meadows, who will play Conner’s manager. I imagine Meadows represents just the first of very many SNL alumni to join the project.