Get Scorched By The MAZE RUNNER Sequel Trailer

I thought The Maze Runner was pretty ok! Very middle of the road stuff, the kind of movie that if it came out in 1984 there would be pop art gallery shows for it every third week. It has a good cast, a weird premise, an even weirder twist ending and a bunch of young people died during it. That's all good in my book. 

It did well enough to earn a sequel (it's based on a book series, so it was always building to this next chapter) with the unfortunate title Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. Now if you ask me the kids would much rather see The Storch Trials, about the F-Troop portion of Larry Storch's fabled career, but these Hollywood execs don't listen to me. 

This trailer is something else; where The Maze Runner was more mysterious and seemed like fantasy, this is way straighter post-apocalyptic scifi action. It also looks much darker - both literally in terms of visuals and tonally. I'm kind of digging this new wave of YA scifi adaptations, movies where the sequels don't have to be "second verse, same as the first." This looks like a series that's already reinventing itself in the second instalment. Also, it has Aiden Gillen using what I think might be his real accent.