INSIDE OUT’s Anger Has Some Words For Movie Talkers

Another great Drafthouse Don't Talk PSA!

I love being part of the Alamo Drafthouse family for a lot of reasons, but one is because I love our zero tolerance policy towards talkers and texters during movies. What's more, I love the way that policy is expressed to audiences - through fun PSAs that are a blast to watch even outside of the theater.

Last week we had the new Mad Max: Fury Road PSA (I didn't boast about this at the time, but I totally was there directing that one. I told George Miller "Can we do it again?") and now we have one from Inside Out, which has been getting RAVE reviews out of Cannes (I saw the first hour of the movie and can confirm that first hour is brilliant). Lewis Black, who plays Anger in the film, steps up to the camera and speaks to the texters and talkers in the crowd. You can imagine how that goes. I love that this manages to be a G-rated PSA even with Lewis Black getting STEAMED.