Reimagining Roadkill In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Courtney Barnett, DatA, Big Data and Vyla Vice in this week's music video roundup.

The eco-conscious cartoon for the poppy-on-the-outside ditty “Dead Fox” breathed celluloid life last week, but in the spirit of following (lyrical) suit I’m rationing Barnett as if she herself were a precious resource. Pulling dual-duty as both creators and co-directors of the cuddly carnage, Rory Kerr and Paul Ruttledge depict an Aussie-centric menagerie of highway hijackers including a motorcycle straddling, shirtless echidna donning a propeller beanie, a miserable reminder that voluntary helmet use exists. And is Neil Young listening because I think she answered his question?

The following short film set to Parisian electro-pop producer DatA’s of-recent earworm, “Don’t Sing,” is best ogled with a maximal lack of particulars. And abreast of the notion that this seemingly suburban landscape is anything but unremarkable. An ideal match for such a project is French photographer David Bertram at the helm of the decidedly amusing offering. On top of that, he's currently exhibiting a psychologically interesting portrait-of-a-self-portrait series titled  Claytime in which subjects have modeled their own faces from the titular medium. Tuck his name away alongside the phrase “breakaway sundress.”

Coveting a handful of the gadgets peddled throughout Big Data’s “2.0 Infomercial” is only natural, but it’s with utmost caution that you consider the Multiplicity takeaway when you’re eyeing that Kitty Cloner. Remember: the hindmost feline would confuse pizza for currency. I got to chatting with inspired director Josh Forbes last month at the Stanley Film Festival where he shared bits of trivia and the news that The Offspring are no longer dormant (he also directed their most recent, clown-loaded contribution). His latest delights in comic cameos and Forbes admits the bits are twice as funny with sound. Naturally, it was crucial to spotlight the electro track itself.

This week’s bonus video was unearthed locally by coworkers/wunderkinds, Eric Zapata (Creature Designer, Face Off Seasons 4-5) and Johnny Bones (Director/VFX Artist, Point of Interest). Together with friends and fellow film school graduates, the result and bona fide labor of love spares zero details, harnesses every team member’s faculties and achieves expert-level objectives in terms of practical effects and puppetry. Full disclosure: I’m also writing about this video in hopes that they’ll invite me over to peck the four-eyed crab stick creature on its mouth. See the making of here!