Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water: Watch JAWS From An Innertube!

Join us for a terrifying evening as the Rolling Roadshow presents JAWS at the Texas Ski Ranch!

“You’re gonna need a bigger float.”

It was thirteen years ago when we first invited you to join us for a screening of JAWS on the water, and it’s still one of the most talked about events we’ve ever produced.

Now, just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, the Rolling Roadshow team is bringing that experience back, and you can get your tickets right here beginning at noon on Friday, May 22!

We’re making it better than ever this year, too, with new lenses on our projectors that will give a stronger viewing angle, an awesome venue at the Texas Ski Ranch, and plenty of additional surprises throughout the movie. Those of you brave enough are invited to join us in innertubes as we float in the murky waters of a manmade lake and watch JAWS presented on our giant outdoor screen set up on an island. Of course, we won’t be alone in that water, so for the more faint of heart we have a nice and safe sandy beach available where you can enjoy all of the terror on screen - as well as the fearful splashing of the people in the water in front of you.

We know there are sharks in the water, but we’re going to let people go swimming anyway…

More information and links to our Eventbrite page for tickets are all available at the show page!