Mimi Rogers Joins ASH VS. EVIL DEAD

Hopefully she brings her werewolf kids with her.

You may know Mimi Rogers from films like The Rapture or Ginger Snaps. Pretty soon, you’ll also know her from Starz’ Ash vs. Evil Dead (I really can’t take the lack of a “the” in that title). Unless you don't plan on watching the show, in which case your Mimi Rogers knowledge base will remain unchanged.

Rogers has joined the series as Suzy Maxwell, mother to Kelly Maxwell. You all know Kelly Maxwell, don’t you? She’s that character in that show you haven’t seen yet? She is apparently trying to escape some kind of wild past? Well, anyway, Mimi Rogers is playing her mom.

How many times will Suzy and Kelly Maxwell slap Ash in the face? Only time will tell. They are filming it right now, and it should be on TV some time this fall.