THE CROW Remake Gets A Villain Remake With Andrea Riseborough

This is cool. Please don’t turn it into a thing, CROW fans.

Against all odds, we are still getting a remake of The Crow. Fate itself tried to halt this production many times, but Hollywood kicked its ass over and over again. The killer mime ghost is coming back. This time in the form of Jack Huston.

But who will he fight? In the first film, he tussled with Top Dollar, played by Michael Wincott. This time, he’ll tussle with Top Dollar, played by Andrea Riseborough. That’s right! They’re changing the villain’s gender! I have no idea why they felt the need to do this (especially in a production that claims close adherence to the source material as a priority), but I’m glad they did. It’s the first thing to come out of this movie that sounds interesting.

Let's all just be nice to this film from now on. It fought hard enough to get here and deserves a break. It's like the Rudy of uneeded movie remakes.